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We're going to be stepping up the GameSetLinks going up to the weekend, since we seem to have acquired a bit of a link backlog, woops - and this set of eight or so is headed out by a good discussion of tools for beginning game developers to make neat games.

Also in here - a neat behind the scenes on Dungeon Keeper, a fun discussion of Bit.Trip Beat, an Octomom game, and a Ghostbusters retrospective, and more.

Oh dear oh dear:

God at play - spiritual games» Suggested Tools for Game Designers
'This article is targeted to... designers interested in creating computer-based games, have a little programming experience, and have some familiarity with common development tools, like Torque or Game Maker.' V.neat - hoping there's going to be something else to add to this soon.

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » On the Game Studies Download 4.0 at GDC
The full listing of the top papers, which I don't remember seeing online before.

The Making of Dungeon Keeper | NowGamer
'In Dungeon Keeper, the game born of Molyneux’s aforementioned grievances, you were the dungeon master as envisioned by Gygax – the all-powerful, world-sculpting mastermind whose plots are only ever undermined by the incompetence of his minions, who always fail to see the big picture.'

Bit Tripping And The Art Of SD Card Maintenance » Murderblog 3D
'If I were to rank my favorite gaming moments, my first time entering the nether in bit.trip Beat would easily be number one.'

The Milk Machine - News Games: Georgia Tech Journalism & Games Project
'Editorial games show up in the strangest places. Take The Octuplet's Game, an editorial send-up up of the duties of the now-infamous "octuplet's mom," Nadya Suleman.'

Podfeed: 'GDC 09: To Catch an Editor Video Podcast, Episode 36 from the IGN Games Podcast'
Just found this audio discussion, and well worth linking: 'Kick off GDC with the Holy Trinity of art games: Jonathan Blow, Rod Humble, and Jason Rohrer.' Thanks Malvasia Bianca!

Press The Buttons: Nearly Every Ghostbusters Game In Seven Easy Bites
'I give you your tour guide on this magical history tour, 1UP's Bob Mackey, and his seven-part series of Retro Revival Retrospective articles.'

SLRC - Creative Responses to Videogame Questions: The Raider, The Prince and The Assassin
An interesting discussion on pacing in games.