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You can now get access to the newest, neatest GameSetLinks, and it starts off with some fun discussion of indie title Dyson from the other one of the duo thus far interview by TIGSource - it's heady stuff, m'dears.

Also in here - Benj Edwards examines Game Boy oddities, Wil Wheaton discusses classic Atari, the demo-scene awards for 2008 are decided over on Scene.org, and plenty more.

Chu chu chu:

The Independent Gaming Source talks to Rudolf Kremers
The other half of the Dyson creators, and another smart, literate indie.

Game Boy Oddities | Technologizer
'After seeing the items I rounded up for this extravaganza, you’ll probably agree that the public’s infatuation with this classic handheld has grown far beyond Nintendo’s wildest dreams.'

Xtranormal: A Glimpse Into the Future of TV Animation Production | Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation
Def. an interesting discussion, if only because ex-video game and CG guys made Xtranormal, according to blog comments by one of the creators, and it prefigures discussions in the game space about making authorship easier.

SuicideGirls News > Geek > As a Matter of Fact, I Have Played Atari Today
SFW Wil Wheaton program about, yay, classic 2600 fun.

Scene.org Awards - 2008 winners
The best of the demo-scene for last year, always worth checking out for real-time effect insane goodness.

insertcredit.com: 'Link: New heights in game journalism'
My colleague Brandon Sheffield gets grumpy at Joystiq. And I see why!