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A slight return, via RSS craziness, for GameSetLinks, and there's a number of neat things in here, not least a couple of different posts about Konami and Atomic Games' Fallujah-set game, which seems to be causing some dissonance within video game commentators.

Also in here - further discussion on Madworld, a whole heap of Independent Games Festival-related interviews, more intriguing interviews with MMO gold traders, and various other sundries.

Zild jian:

Just own it « Word Games
Interesting because it mirrors some of the things we've been discussing in the office about Atomic's Fallujah game.

Wired: 'Games Without Frontiers: 'MadWorld' Is Black and White and Awesome All Over'
'What really makes MadWorld a breath of fresh air is how neatly it violates the tropes of modern 3-D realism.'

GameDev.net -- IGF 09 Interviews: Part 3
As always, GameDev.net does a great job of interviewing all/most of the IGF finalists, but it's difficult to find them on their site - here's Part 2, Part 1.

Six Days in Fallujah, One Small Problem - Shacknews
Another piece on the Fallujah game, and a really, really nice piece of writing.

Crispy Gamer - Column: Print Screen: Narrative Ludology in Three Somewhat Easy Steps
'It's a little odd that gamers and game journalists complain that games aren't taken seriously. In fact, games have proven to be a fertile, if still nascent, subject for Ivory Tower analysis.'

Gold Trading Exposed: The Developers Article - Page 1 // MMO /// Eurogamer
Interesting harshness in intro: 'Are those in the MMO industry really playing double-ball when it comes to gold sellers, launching their own sanctioned products while lambasting those who purchase outside the game?'