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Well, we're really liking this expanded post stylee here at GameSetWatch, and trying to post some of the spicier, more visual things as standalone blogs, while keeping the denser things in these here linklogs - we'll see how that works out!

In any case, this set of links includes further publicity for art-game-ish chap Mark Essen, as well as Greg Costikyan's already much discussed Quality Of Life rant targeting the IGDA, and a kinda adorably hilarious ACG article on random adventure game puzzles, plus much more.

G'day, g'day, g'day:

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : GDC: 13 Years Later, Atlantis Emerges from the Waves of Obscurity
'At a Game Developers Conference panel today, Nintendo DSi hardware overlord Masato Kuwahara briefly revealed the reality behind the rumors in a slide that showed a chunk piece of portable hardware entitled the "Game Boy Advance Predecessor, circa 1995."' Awesome (pictured above, blurrily) history.

Play This Thing! | Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Game Developers
Strong words here from Greg Costikyan, but interesting: 'The simple fact (as demonstrated in its research, available at the link above) is that most game developers burn out within 5 years of entering the industry, because of the absurd hours (for, incidentally, lower pay than programmers, artists, producers, and Q/A people can command in other software and media ventures).'

Game Espresso: Check out our new online trolling game
'GRAND MER will bring about the fantastic world of trolling; a highly energetic sport that requires speed and power, into 3D online game.' ROFL.

Adventure game puzzles we have known and hated - Feature - Adventure Classic Gaming
'Perhaps the most obvious and commonplace failure of adventure game puzzles is the failure to provide adequate information to the players.' Awesome.

Will Video Games Turn Mark Essen Into an Art-World Star? -- New York Magazine
More excellent crossover.

Full disclosure: Introversion publish confidential Darwinia+ docs, emails - Offworld
I'd heard about this but neglected to link, thanks to Boyer for an excellent round-up, and I hope Introversion will survive the apparent slowness in development of this project.

The RS 100: Agents of Change : Rolling Stone
Delighted to see game luminaries including Miyamoto, Rigopulos/Egozy, and Will Wright in this list - more respect for games.

Elder Game: MMO game development » Why We Play MMOs
'To suggest that learning alone is the core of fun is a really … well, arrogant … thing to do. It reeks of the forced-grouping hypothesis that held sway over the industry for half a decade — made popular by designers who got into the industry after playing lots of EverQuest.'