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Continuing with the GameSetLinks - and we're actually about to enter a new era(TM) for GameSetWatch, as you'll see in the next couple of days, possibly one with slightly less denseness that blows your head off, we still have a bunch of neat links (only a few left over from GDC!) here.

Among them - the (pictured) ActionButton remix of the Soulja Boy Braid review fascinates me because it's the kind of deadpan randomness that I feel like there should be more of in games - more of this, and less angry nerd ranting. But hey, angry nerd ranting has held us in good stead, historically! Also in here - a gaming resume in T-shirts, a demo-scene trilogy completed, and lots more.

The grid evolves:

demoscene.us - MindCandy at Blockparty 2009
'Hornet (specifically, Trixter and Phoenix) will return to Blockparty in 2009 and announce the next release in the MindCandy DVD/video series.' Very cool - important archival demo work, after the PC and Amiga volumes. Guessing it might be.. oh, you know!

Action Button Dot Net: Braid review
Just beautifully incendiary writing from Rogers, and more to the point, includes an ActionButton.net video remix of Soulja Boy's Braid review (starring someone who is not Tim) that I had not previously seen, and is somewhat genius.

ICO Partners » Blog Archive » GDC09 - The slides shared
V.interesting slides on European MMO challenges from Thomas Bidaux and friends.

Overheard: GDC afterhours » Infinite Lives
Indies + ramblings = awesome writings.

Cuppycake.org: 'A Whirled of Metrics'
'Daniel James, CEO of Three Rings (Whirled, Puzzle Pirates) posted the slides and additional info from his GDC talk from today. The presentation is a massive outpour of Whirled metrics with some Puzzle Pirates thrown in.' Amazing metrics as per usual.

Ton of Clay: [My] Resume In T-Shirts
What an awesome idea, from DeathSpank co-creator Clayton Kauzlaric: 'The game industry isn't as full of excitement and romance as some may think. The hours are long. Stability isn't always that great. Royalties and riches exist only for a lucky few. One thing we do get is a crapload of t-shirts.'

The GDC and IGF Retrospective « tooNormal
From an IGF Mobile finalist: 'At the IGF+GD Choice Awards, Petri Purho of Kloonigames and Crayon Physics fame had this to say: 'Winning the IGF is something that can generally change the course of a persons life'. I’d say though, not winning the IGF can be pretty great too.' Yay!