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Continuing with the GameSetLinks goodness, here's a selection of wordy but worthy of a response, starting out with the awesomeness of German board games, thanks to Wired.

Also in here - some more discussion on the Game Critics Rant, Ben Heckendorn (pictured!) showing off some of his awesome, crazed modded machines, some more good retrospectives, and a few more besides.

Go go go:

Wired: 'Monopoly Killer: Perfect German Board Game Redefines Genre'
An excellent piece on stern academic German game design genius.

GAMBIT: Updates: Games' Social History
'As more games outside of the MUD-MMO genealogy remember to incorporate social play into the designs, the unpredictability of dynamics might be entering earlier and earlier.How could we archive a game mechanic?'

The Making Of: Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy | NowGamer
Another super-good Retro Gamer profile on Imagine's new megasite - were these online before?

The Plush Apocalypse » Blog Archive » Game Critics Rant - thoughts
Borut goes into some interesting reactions on, uh, reactions, particularly piquant is: 'While a game like Noby Noby Boy is certainly not power fantasy, eating my own ass isn’t exactly pushing the medium any further.' Hee.

The Wizard of Mod | OXM ONLINE
Ben Heck exposed!

Attribution and Affiliation on All Things Digital - Waxy.org
Interesting discussion on reblogging, which is relevant to games (we've been linked twice on Gama), getting more and more prevalent, and was high-profile weird in this case.