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Up for the further RSS goodness, and wandering in here is Crispy Gamer's really nice longform Haden Blackman chat - part of some of the most well thought-out alternative game coverage around right now, I think - try to keep keeping an eye on 'em.

Also hanging out in here - more Final Fantasy fun with Mr. Mielke, game designers and pr0n, all kinds of IGF-related things, Playfirst's CEO on casual life, a very strange Pixeljam interview indeed, and lots more.

Go go go:

1UP's RPG Blog : My Life In Vana'diel: A Crystalline Prophecy Conquered!
Mielke's FFXI love is kinda adorable, making his write-ups puppydog readable.

Crispy Gamer - Interview: Dining With Developers, Vol. 2: Haden Blackman, Part 1
Really good, progressive discussions on reviews for The Force Unleashed, the Star Wars franchise, etc - there's also a Part 2. Also, XYZ Bar has (had?) a great tuna sandwich.

Game Developers and Porn Stars | Kill Ten Rats
'They are hired in young, generally in their late teens and early twenties. They are energetic and excited about getting paid to do something they really enjoy (and probably have been doing on a small scale for years without pay).'

Artsy Games Incubator » Blog Archive » Round 4, Session 1 Recap
Neat, it's baaack!

Interview with IGF 2009 Winners by Game Tunnel
Just posted: 'In the midst of the hubbub that was Independent Games Festival, I was fortunate enough to yank a few developers away from their games and talk to them. No easy task.'

Interview with Mari Baker, PlayFirst | Gamezebo
The new CEO on where the often interesting - though quite VC-controlled - casual company is going.

On The Media: 'DIY Gaming'
A U.S. public radio segment: 'Video game sales are astronomical, but like the music and film industries before it, the game industry has become dependent on predictable and expensive blockbusters. But now, as writer Clive Thompson explains, creative independent games are adding to the gaming ecosystem.'

Exclusive Pixeljam Interview: Porn, Fetuses, and Rich’s Super Developer Origin Story | Ripten Video Game Blog
Complete insane interview. (Via InfiniteLives).