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As the weekend looms ever-larger, it's time to take another wander around the RSS for our GameSetLinks roundup, starting with Game Informer's chat to seminal Activision co-founder David Crane and friends - always good to see sites talking to the people who made the game biz what it is today.

Also in here - a nice chat with Phil Fish, a random nod to upcoming game-related movie Citizen Game (pictured), a neat article called 'A Thousand Deaths Is A Statistic', and rather more things besides.

It's totally on:

Game Informer: 'Old School: Talking Games With David Crane, Steve Cartwright'
Man, I forget about GameInformer.com sometimes, but they do some really nice features - this one with some seminal Activision devs.

CrispyGamer: 'My Sister Annotates Blazing Prattles Ep. 21'
'I just had the following, unsolicited instant messenger conversation with my 15-year-old sister (pictured, right).' Certainly new, and game-related, and journalistic...

Kotaku - Going Indie: Fez Creator Phil Fish's Moment Of Clarity - fez
'Those IGF nominations didn't hurt. "I pleaded with my boss to let me go to GDC — not even send me there, like they were doing for so many other employees, but just let me go," Fish recalls. "They wouldn't give me clearance to leave." IGF Fez awards or not, Phil Fish, you are not going anywhere. "So I had to quit right there and then," he says. "That's when I became indie. It felt good."'

GI.biz: 'WiiWare threshold misinterpreted // News'
'Earlier this month, it was reported that many indie developers struggled to meet the sales threshold.' To be fair, we actually said - in our original report - that 'at least one' had. So GI/EG is apparently debunking its own inflation? Hee.

Citizen Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
'Citizen Game is an upcoming science fiction action thriller film written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. The film stars Gerard Butler as an unwilling participant in an online game in which participants can control human beings as players.' Interesting because they're the Crank creators, and that has a lot of video game references in the credits sequence, etcetera.

Game Informer: 'Indie Week: Day One - What Does It Mean To Be Indie?'
The website of the world's biggest game magazine does a whole week speaking to IGF finalists - v.neat. (Also they speak to me, boo.) Also see Pt.2, Pt.3.

A Thousand Deaths Is A Statistic | Resolution
A really nice article on death in video games for a UK game site that I wasn't aware of, and appears neat. (Via RPS.)

TIGSource forums: Dutch Tv special on GDC/IGF
Hey, v.neat!