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Continuing the GameSetLinks goodness, the RSS lottery this week (OK, more like a carefully directed stream of URLs!) has dug up, firstly, the start of a really good series on gold farming over at Eurogamer.

But also hanging out in here - Mightier's IGF postmortem, the Activision animated series from GameTap finally debuting, a good Gregory Weir interview, Daniel Cook's awesomely free graphics tileset, and lots, lots more besides.

Sometimes I forget:

Gold Trading Exposed: The Sellers Article - Page 1 // MMO /// Eurogamer - Games Reviews, News and More
Excellent writing from Eurogamer's MMO section on the gold trading scourge, dilemma.

TIGSource Forums: 'Mightier @ GDC09: A lack of dongs, tits.'
An excellent postmortem of the show from the creators of Mightier.

Why GDC 2009 Was a Wasted Opportunity - G4tv.com
Interesting post about publishers showing B-level games all during GDC and not allowing as much coverage of valuable sessions. One clarification - although publisher reps may be at the GDC events, it's much more on the HR level, so we @ Think Services don't really know what is going on re: demos, nor do we have much way to prevent or permit it.

Kotaku: 'Clips: Re/Visioned Activision 2600 Classics Finally Arrive'
Like the lost spoils of a fallen empire...

The five skills of kick ass game testers « Mark Cooke’s G-Mixer
'Game testing is a great entry point to the industry as it exposes you to all aspects of development. It’s an important job and the gap between a bad or mediocre tester and a kick ass one is huge. Don’t be a mediocre tester. Be the kick ass tester.'

good game get! - 'in conversation with gregory weir'
An excellent new blog talks to GSW columnist and Majesty Of Colors creator Gregory Weir.

Gamestar Mechanic | Meaningful Play: Making games that matter
'I was excited to see yesterday that the Gamestar Mechanic Beta is now open to the public, swiftly signing up and beginning to play through the first season.'

Lost Garden: Danc's Miraculously Flexible Game Prototyping Graphics for Small Worlds
'I started a new graphics set that took all these into account. The theme I chose was the 'Small World', an intimate place of green trees and blue ocean seen from above. '