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Further along the GameSetLinks fun and games for the week, and this set of gorgeous RSS-trawling starts out with the diversification of Way Of The Rodent into a piquant weblog - which may have been around for a little bit, but hey, we catch on slow.

Also hanging in here - a discussion on how to curate video games in a museum context, some quixotic rambling, how MMO server farms work, the slight hipster return again, and more.

Time bandits:

World Champion Stances II - the Revenge! | Daily Rodent
The uniquely cheeky, British Way Of The Rodent web-mag has opened a blog now - and it's pretty good fun, as this post (security guards playing NES games) shows.

Versus CluClu Land: Against my Better Judgement, I Discuss Citizen Kane and Maybe Art
'One of the major problems with this discourse is that the are-games-art conversation almost never goes anywhere.'

Patching the Game (Part III) @ Imaginary Cogs
A multi-part series on actually hosting MMOs in data centers - v.interesting. (Via Zen Of Design.)

Vorpal Bunny Ranch: Quixotic Rambling
Freeform thoughts on games, Don Quixote, and more. Uninhibited game discuss is good, abstractly.

The Cure for Hipsters » PixelVixen707
He's already been joshing at me, now the rpgsbebroke guy gets poked at by an ARG product, intriguingly.

Valuable Games » How to curate video games and interactive media?
'The challenge is fitting an interactive and often social medium into the traditionally hands-off and reserved context of most art museums.'