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End of the weekend, it is, and time to hop back on the GameSetLinks train, and, as you folks know, we really try to scout the Internets for the best intelligent, longer-form blogs and writing about games - no matter what the source.

This time, we span everything from bizarre Wired mag puzzles to indie star Terry Cavanagh being quizzed on Don't Look Back and his other blocky, stocky titles - with a side order of that man Meretzky again.

An amazing race:

Wired.com: Game Changers: Brainteasers for Hardcore Videogame Fans
Wow, supergeekiness here - from the rather amazing J.J.Abrams guest-edited issue of Wired. Via Chris Baker!

Technology Review: Author of Play
Hey, more Steve Meretzky interviews - this one quite MIT-related, for obvious reasons.

Charge Shot!!!: Real Time Simplicity: A Talk with Rudolf Kremers and Alex May
The Dyson duo are further quizzed, oh yes.

An Exclusive Excerpt from Friends, Fans and Followers | Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation
'Scott Kirsner, Variety writer and editor of the invaluable CinemaTech blog, breaks it down in his new book by offering case studies of thirty visual artists, comedians, animators, documentary filmmakers, musicians and writers.' Super-relevant to games, too, though I'm not sure any game creators were interviewed... nonetheless!

Wonderland: Commissioning for Attention: games, education and teens
'Public service gaming is wonderful. There should be more of it. There will be more of it.' Amen to that.

Interview with Terry Cavanagh, creator of Don't Look Back | GameCritics.com
Nice indie interview over at the sometimes forgotten GameCritics.