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Midweek is approaching, and with it a mass of new links trawled up at the weekend, and only now being communicated to you, the great unwashed, via the miracle of the RSS feed and the Internets, hurray.

First up is a neat Crispy Gamer piece on character in games, before we move on to trawl through a fun Cory Doctorow editorial in the UK Guardian, some discussion on Free Realms, being rilly, rilly evil in Knights Of The Old Republic, and lots more besides.

For the win:

Crispy Gamer - Feature: Character: The Next Great Gaming Frontier?
'Even in a Game of the Year-quality title like Fallout 3, we're still presented with primary story characters about whom we know virtually nothing, and with whom we have a hard time forming compelling, coherent relationships.'

Cory Doctorow: Game developers find ways to make industry recession-proof | Technology | guardian.co.uk
'The economics of gaming mixes retail psychology, games theory, ethics and legal speculation – and just who's prepared to pay in order to play.'

Cuppytalk: It’s Your World! (Free Realms)
Some interesting non-NDA-ed comment on SOE's Free Realms, This, at least, makes it sound interesting - but can it differentiate from the masses of free-to-play worlds out there, given that its budget (and therefore required player #s) must be on the higher side?

Bastard of the Old Republic Article, Pt.3 - Page 1 // Retro /// Eurogamer
Walker concludes his three-part EG article on being baaad in KOTOR. Good to see EG encouraging some more experimental journalism.

Copperpott's Cabinet of Curiosities.: Indie Games Are Go!
A useful list for the uninformed, yay - via InfiniteLives.

Braid @ Critical Distance
A v.interesting new blog does a giganormous round-up of Braid (tangentially pictured) analysis.