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Continuing with the RSS links after a blessedly relaxing GameSetWeekend, the first link on this returning combination is the (fairly) new VersusCity blog, which I was delighted to see precisely because there's very little good English-language coverage of the fascinating Japanese arcade game scene.

But there's other goodness in here, including Amped 3 for cheap, the v.silly 'rpgsbebroke' blog, and The Godfather II pointed, counterpointed, and counter game set match serve ace pointed, apparently...

Hur ray yay:

Versus City
_Really_ good blog about the Japanese arcade game scene, which is always written up poorly in English... until now!

Amped 3 (XBOX360 NEW): N02-008435 iNetVideo.com - Movies, Games, Music
I wrote about this back in 2005 (!), but seriously overlooked, is Amped 3 - and INetVideo has it for under $20 new.

Inside The Soviet Arcade Games Museum | Edge Online
Oo, this museum looks very neat indeed, if you're in Moscow.

dobbschallenge2.com - Dr. Dobbs Picks: Best Level Picks (13th April)
Continuing the user-created level fun on the Silverlight-based platformer produced by me and developed by Adam Atomic.

RPGs be broke
Extremely funny blog on game journalism from someone who is writing in a style below their IQ.

Crispy Gamer - Column: Dissenting Opinion: The Godfather II
Fun counterpoint indeed to a Gus Mastrapa original: 'While we're all shaking our fists with righteous rage, let's try not to recall that Mario Puzo wrote his novel "The Godfather" after his first two novels sold poorly, with the express purpose of creating a book that had commercial appeal.'