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Well, a week plus after the damn thing ended, I _finally_ got through all my RSS feeds, and here's the final set of Game Developers Conference 2009-related links for your delectation and delight, hurray.

Some of the neat things dug up in here - more indie podcasts from the 1UP folks, plus Twitter maps for each day at GDC from Jesper Juul, both UGO and GameTunnel weigh in on the best indie games at the show, and rants are rebuffed, fiery opinions put forth.

Go San Francisco Go:

David Hellman » Blog Archive » At 1UP Podcast: Jason Rohrer, Eskil Steenberg and Me
Hellman, Rohrer, Steenberg, together at one time. Live at Budokan! I like this re-incorporation of mavericks into video games.

Experience Points: Spreading the Spirit of GDC
A warm, happy GDC recap from a journalistic perspective - though it perhaps misses the 'previews during lectures' issue that Ray Padilla was mentioning, it's still, you know, heartening.

Game-Ism: 'Ranting Back at the GDC09 Game Critics Rant.'
The anonymous but smart Spitfire on the case: 'While I get that this was a podium for opinions to be thrown out there, I couldn’t help but wonder about a few of the positions, and rant back a little bit of my own on the matter.'

MTV Multiplayer » The Developers’ Deck of Cards [GDC 2009]
Oh, _just_ found this, they took a picture of my card (co-starring Rollo!)

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » Game Developers Conference 2009, as told through Twitter
Really nice Twitter word density maps of GDC per day...

IGF - Independent Games Festival 2009 by Game Tunnel
'In addition we decided to pick who WE thought should have won as well, so rather than hand out scores we're just listing the IGF winners and our picks.' Some interesting disagreement here!

davidjaffe.biz: Heather Chaplin's GDC Rant + GAME MAKING CAN BE DEPRESSING!
'Clearly, our foolish, childish products are appealing to someone. Should we just abandon that audience? An audience that we happen to consider ourselves a part of, by the way?'

GameDevBlog: What I learned on my GDC vacation
Oo, Torpex is pitching a new Richard Garfield-designed game to publishers. Officially excited.

The Brainy Gamer: The Curious Case of the Missing Fences
Interesting post on what makes GDC special, hopefully: 'Despite rapid growth... GDC has largely avoided erecting arbitrary barriers that choke off meaningful conversation among people with a variety of interests and expertise.'

Game Over/Continue? Was Rad << Attract Mode
All about the super-neat SF art show on the last day of GDC - sorry I couldn't make, I was crazy tired, post-GDC.

Tale of Tales» Blog » GDC Presentation Slides
This was pretty cute, and is almost playing to what you might 'expect' from the ToT duo. Which I like!

IGF at GDC 2009: Our Picks | UGO.com
Ah, a nice hands-on look at some of the neatest indie games at GDC.