Just as creating "demakes" of contemporary video games was in vogue toward the end of 2008, recreating packaging art for popular titles has become the new dance taking over the nation, as seen with Olly Moss's Video Game Classics series and Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday for classy game covers.

The NeoGAF community has joined the fray and come up with its own line of remade boxarts for The GAF collection, "a theoretical series of video game releases for the more serious collectors," similar to the film industry's Criterion Collection.

Many of the fan-made covers are predictable (and I agree with 61 Frames Per Second that the ones using actual game assets are kind of cheating), but there are several that stand out, such as the Gran Turismo packaging above and the six other pieces we've picked out here:

They all look great, but I adore the one on the bottom left for PSP's Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero?. So many Prinnies!