Cortez " Ferno" Almanza released The Console Wars, a series of beat tapes collecting instrumentals from artists like Darkseid (presumably not the actual DC Comics villain) and Stir Crazy who've remixed memorable video game songs into bass-heavy rap tracks. While they're not the sort of productions you'd hold up against J Dilla or El-P's catalogs, I wouldn't mind if they popped up in iTunes during a random shuffle listen either.

BLU LYC's "Welcome to tha Doom", a track mixing gun blasts with a looped voice sample from Sega's Altered Beast, is surprisingly listenable, more so than Lil' Wayne's flip of the similar "A Milli" beat (which my wife refuses to let me play in the car). Another highlight from the two Console Wars volumes is Chane's "Supa Mario", a laid back tune recalling Super Mario World.

You can download the albums at the following Mediafire links: The Console Wars 1 and The Console Wars 2