As more and more players pick up Keita Takahashi's supremely odd Noby Noby Boy for PlayStation 3, stretching the worm-like Boy as much as possible to earn points, and then submitting those points online, they contribute to the PSN title's meta-game. That stream of accumulating points helps stretch Girl to different outer space milestones.

When Girl reached the Moon several weeks ago, a Moon stage was unlocked for all players. Girl's next goal is to stretch to Mars, which is considerably farther away than Earth's natural satellite.

To help estimate and track how long it will take before players stretch Boy enough to help Girl reach Mars, Evil Robot Stuff has put up Noby Noby Stats, a site collecting data from the official Noby Noby Boy site and presenting the information with graphs covering Girl's daily growth, the number of active Boys per day, and more.

According to current figures, Girl will reach Mars in an estimated 2700 days. So, quit wasting your time on the internet and get back to stretching!