I have an alarm that goes off in my apartment whenever anything Bubble Bobble related -- be it fan-made crafts or new Bust-a-Move releases from Taito -- appears on the internet. I woke up this morning with red lights flashing in my living room and my wall-sized war monitor displaying glowing spots of activity on a vectorized world map.

Sitting at my desk and pulling up a status report, I quickly identified the source of the early morning commotion -- handpainted Bubble Bobble Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

You can see more shots of Kass Healy's Chucks on her Flickr photostream. She has since added yellow, glow-in-the-dark laces to them, which sounds excellent, and which I guess explains why the nearby XO Lieutenant Commander has readied his launch key, preparing to send out a storm of nuclear missiles as soon as orders from the top arrive.