As part of a recent contest for Persona 4 prizes, Matthew "Fort90" Hawkins invited readers of his blog to send in artwork with characters from Atlus' offbeat RPG series. The grand prize winning entry, a beautiful illustration by, um, Poop-mouth, shows the heroes of Persona 3 and 4 rummaging through a moonlit room cluttered with Shin Megami Tensei props..

I've attached the full piece after the break along with a couple other favorite entries, but before you look at those, treat your eyes to this Persona 4-themed arcade stick, a Mad Catz SE FightStick modded by Scottind with new and matching Sanwa parts. Finally, a controller with the responsive buttons and high-quality directional input an RPG requires.

By Poop-mouth:

By Nemi:

By Adam Gouveia: