[Once again, the Member Blogs on Gamasutra are practically outshining the Expert Blogs, heh - and here's some Chris Remo-picked highlights from the last week or so. Participate if you have a chance!]

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This Week's Standout Member Blogs

- Why Games Are Not Art
(Tom Newman)

To the neverending debates about games as art, Tom Newman would like to say: shut up already. Actually, he said it in a much more educated, eloquent way, delving into the gradual conception of the modern Western view of "art" -- and its arguable demise.

For his effort, Tom will receive a lifetime subscription to Gamasutra sister publication Game Developer magazine.

- Good Practice: Animation as Gameplay
(Christiaan Moleman)

In games, animation is not just a part of visual aesthetics -- it can add significantly to the fundamental gameplay experience. Here, animator Christiaan Moleman highlights the ways that games like Ico, Outcast, Assassin's Creed, and the Half-Life series exhibit that principle.

- GDC 2009 Coverage
(Jim McGinley)

For yet another week, the masterful Jim McGinley continues his somewhat insane GDC coverage. Standout lines include "You read that right. There were grapes in my sandwich," and "Computers - will they ever be fast?" Plus -- Jim identifies the ultimate commercially-released "first date game."

- Not Quick, Time-Consuming Events
(Aaron Pierce)

While not a new mechanic by any means, in just a few years, the quick time event has become practically ubiquitous across all direct-control-based game genres. But they have plenty of critics; here, Aaron Pierce deems them "lazy game design" and explains why. He calls for discussion in the comments, and gets plenty of it.

- Forget Fun. Is It Engaging?
(Reid Kimball)

The number of times meaningful discussion about games is waylaid by a dismissive comment like "Well, none of that matters as long as it's fun" is enraging to me -- and apparently to Reid Kimball as well. It's a vague term, and it doesn't come close to describing all the ways entertainment can succeed. Here, he argues for additional alternative adjectives such as "engaging."