The Bent Festival, the "annual art and music festival celebrating DIY electronics, hardware hacking, and circuit bending" is already underway in New York City, and will run until April 18th at The Tank. It's designed to entertain and educate both children and adults with installations, concerts, and workshops relevant to the DIY electronics and circuit bending scene. For the uninitiated, circuit bending refers to the act of "modifying the circuitry of battery-powered children's toys to create strange, new, and unintended sounds for creative purposes."

Chiptune group Burnkit2600 (music video below) will perform at one of Bent Festival's three nightly concerts, as will Tristan Perich, who was behind the intriguing 1-Bit Music project and will also have an installation at the festival. Jeff "noteNdo" Donaldson is slated to have his own installation, too.

Don "No Carrier" Miller, whose coding work can be seen in Pulsewave's fabulous ROM invites, will hold a workshop on "Soft Circuit-Bending on the NES," in which he'll show off open source software project glitchNES and explain how the NES Picture Processing Unit can be "abused and exploited to create stunning patterns and effects."

[Via True Chip Til Death]