[As GDC 2009 kicks off, the marvelous Vincent Diamante (also the soundtrack composer for Flower!) has been taking some really nice pictures of the 2009 Indie Games Summit for posterity - so here's a quick look at them.]

Ron Carmel kicks off the Indie Games Summit to a completely full room at GDC 2009, talking about the making of World Of Goo and their business and practical lessons.

2D Boy's Ron looking happy, presumably cos he has that really kickass Japanese World Of Goo T-shirt (?) on - where do we get one?

Last year's IGF Grand Prize winner Petri Purho has released Crayon Physics Deluxe, and talked about it in a hilarious Indie Games Summit lecture.

A picture of the 300+ happy indie folks packing the Summit on Monday, the first day of GDC.

Later in the afternoon, Stardock's Brad Wardell explained how the 'core' gaming audience has made his company's titles like Galactic Civilizations II and Sins Of A Solar Empire into massive indie hits.

[You can check out the rest of Vince's GDC pictures over at Flickr, including plenty of other neat snaps of the action so far.]