[Continuing the series from the marvelous Vincent Diamante (also the soundtrack composer for Flower!) here's some more really nice pictures of IGF Pavilion and the IGF Awards - sorry if you're getting IGF overload, but hey, only once per year.]

At the Pavilion, with all kinds of people checking out the IGF finalists.

Another picture from the ever-ready IGF Pavilion on the show floor.

Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink (Flashbang Studios) on stage introducing the Independent Games Festival Awards.

The IGF host for the evening, the most excellent Andy Schatz (Pocketwatch Games).

Dan Tabar from Data Realms, in his classy first appearance.

The ever-addled BrainPipe guys collect their Best Audio award.

Erik Svedang, on stage to collect the the $30,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Blueberry Garden - congrats!

[Vincent also took pictures of basically all of the other IGF award winners, so if you are them - or their families - check out Page 3 of his GDC 2009 Flickr page for those!]