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If we're known for anything here on GameSetWatch, apart from strange columns from odd, wonderful coves, it's for lists of links from RSS-land - and this latest set of GameSetLinks is headed by strange video game songs from actually not Chris Remo this time.

Also hanging out in here - strange Vienna-based residencies for game historians, further explanations of the Dr. Dobbs Silverlight platformer we helped to make, competition in gaming, strange game-related Dwayne Johnson CG from the movie _before_ Witch Mountain, and, uh, more.

Up up up:

the doyouinverts: New Track: "Fingers Turned Into Fists"
Our own Kumar + video game band + One Life Left = excellent.

subotron.com » Blog Archive » open call : SUBOTRON artist in residence fall 2009 wanted
'As part of the air-program of MuseumsQuartier´s quartier21, SUBOTRON invites international artists in residence to work here in Vienna on a regular basis. Artists get a studio at the Museumsquartier for free and money to cover expenses.' And it's 'the history of digital game culture' this time - neat.

dobbschallenge2.com - Getting Started Creating Your Own Levels
A handy guide to Adam Atomic's Silverlight-based platform game creator/UCC thing that I produced, and Mathew Kumar is community managing. Includes some stuff I didn't know! Here's my amazing level, if you haven't seen it.

Tony Hawk :: Official Website
Hey, nice, the official Tony Hawk site linked Barton and Loguidice's history of the skating game franchise.

Strange Horizons Articles: Playing Fair: A Look at Competition in Gaming, by Mark Newheiser
'Unless they bet large sums of money on the outcome of every game they participate in, most people will probably end up playing video games and tabletop games just to have fun. Since there's no end goal in mind other than the game itself, a person's willingness to play a game depends on whether it's enjoyable for them.' A great point!

It's in the details: Utah's Sandman Studios contributes to 'Witch Mountain' - Salt Lake Tribune
Funny game-related sidenote here: ' Sandman landed the "Witch Mountain" gig after impressing Disney and director Andy Fickman with its work on "The Game Plan." For that movie, Sandman created a realistic copy of the Madden '07 video game, featuring Dwayne Johnson's character.'