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This'll be my latest set of GameSetLinks before GDC, and I'll actually be a couple of weeks behind on RSS when I get back to it next weekend, but hey, needs must as the Moscone Center rides, or whatever.

In the meantime, here's a marginally bumper link round-up that includes, among other things, a great chiptune history, 1UP's new indie blog in full effect, Charlie Brooker on the British games industry, and lots more besides.

Clunk click clack:

Journal Of Transformative Works: 'Endless loop: A brief history of chiptunes'
Completely brilliant history of chiptunes article - via Grand Text Auto.

GDC Heads Up: Prove I Was There » PixelVixen707
Some ARG-related weirdness here!

1UP's Free and Indie Gaming Blog
Sharkey joins the Parish and Barnholt niche blog dream team for a stab at an indie games blog, HURRAY.

Joystiq: Weathering the economic storm: Start-ups speak out
Nice piece by ex-Gama editor Jason Dobson on how developers are faring in the rough economy.

Charlie Brooker: If videogames are to become as popular as TV they need to exploit our humblest fantasies | Comment is free | The Guardian
'The resulting lack of mainstream coverage means that, despite being about 10,000 times more successful than the British film and TV industries combined, the British videogames industry continually balances a pathological inferiority complex with a wounded sense of pride.'

The Plush Apocalypse » Blog Archive » You got some narrative in my system. Hold on, I’ll get a paper towel.
'It’s interesting to me to think about how to build systems that encourage the player to narrativize their experience - to view their play as an exciting story that they have had, at least in part, some hand in creating.'

Roflopolis - NCSoft Europe's Xmas 2007 ARG
Wow. This is insane, and cool, but quite over the top. But COOL!