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Not giving up with the link goodness, and this set of RSS goodness starts out with Subatomic Brainfreeze's look at the AOU arcade show in Japan, for which there is, amazingly, a number of fresh arcade machines in circulation... and - wait, the Elevator Action gun game has an actual door built into it?

Apart from that insanity, there's a note on the Creativity 50 featuring notable game designers, Steve Purcell art which just cannot be ignored, some classic Spectrum game screenshots (mm, style), and plenty more.

Sweat the small stuff:

Subatomic Brainfreeze: AOU 2009: JAPAN HAS ARCADE GAMES AND YOU DON'T
Ah, a roundup of the new Japanese arcade show, niche goodness.

The Issue | Creativity Online
The 2009 Creativity 50 (the detailed entries are locked, unfortunately) include Media Molecule guys, Jason Rohrer, Jon Blow - very neat indeed.

SPUDVISION: Steam Mecha Max
Wow, Steve Purcellgasm: 'The top of the head would pop off revealing the little Captain Nemoesque Sam & Max pilots sporting goggles, top hats and ascots.'

T=Machine » Leaving the IGDA(3) - Holding a mirror to the games industry
Adam Martin gets difficult with something that isn't GDC, for a change: 'The massive problems that the IGDA has are the same as some of the problems that pervade the industry. The issues that some commentators (and the IGDA Board!) even now fail to appreciate or understand are the same issues that face studios across the world.'

IGN: IGN Editorial: Moving Games Forward
Interesting and progressive piece: 'Abstract gaming – that is, gaming that takes an alternate stance on how we experience a game – is relatively underappreciated in the retail sector, too.'

Gnome's Lair: Spectrum of Beauty (a tiny digital exhibition)
Oh, man, I forgot about Mugsy, I used to play that game in 1984.