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Oddly, the relaunch of Gamasutra has provided me some serious opportunity to think carefully about all the other sites we run, and why aggregating cool information in one place is more and more important, with so much damn information out there online. Which is why GameSetLinks will run for ever. And a day.

And this time, our six delightful links include some odd Russian game-ness, journalism and corrections goodness (OK, a bit meta, but hey!), the Wall Street Journal on game developers actually getting famous, on a name basis, gosh, and lots more besides.

Ha ha ha:

Laughing Squid: Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Sector II, Release Party & Download
Odd SF party for odd faux-Soviet adventure game!

The future of corrections at Newsless.org
An interesting point - on Gamasutra, we try to make corrections directly in the story, and do an 'UPDATE' if possible.

1UP's RPG Blog : Talking with Treehouse Part 2 - Adventures in Frogs and Butter
Yum, Nintendo localizations: 'Here's Part 2 of my chat with Treehouse localization managers Rich Amtower and Tim O'Leary.'

GDC 2009 'most important' industry event this year // GamesIndustry.biz News
Well, that's good news!

gameslol » Blog Archive » Another Ex-Journalist
It's really because there aren't journalists any more, just writers, and marshalling writers isn't that exciting for many people.

Game Designers Gain Notoriety - WSJ.com
'Alex Evans, technical director for the puzzle platform game LittleBigPlanet that won 8 AIAS awards this year, likens developing a videogame to designing a car -- the product is what attracts all the attention in spite of the individual contributions.'