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Time for a few more GameSetLinks, then, and we start out with GSW columnist Gregory Weir's setting up of the 'Video Game Lies Database', an absolutely great idea, given the amount of fascinating falsehoods traded in the pre-Internet schoolyard - or even now!

Also in here - an analysis of the beauty of Atari 2600 game covers, plus claims of 1998 as the best year in game ever, Street Fighter IV costumes, analyzing a Flash RTS of note, Nintendo getting badass, and more.

Deceptively tricky:

Ludus Novus » Blog Archive » The Video Game Lies Database
'The video game liar seems to be a universal experience of people who grew up around video games, and I’d like it if we could better document our experiences with it.'

GAMBIT: Updates: My Minions and I
Discussing that interesting new Flash-based title, 'Minions', which 'puts a new twist on the micro-RTS.'

brilli.am/writes » Blog Archive » The Stunning Art & Design of the Atari 2600
'I’ve been looking at 2600 games recently, and there’s a real magic to the package design back then.'

Costume GET!: Street Fighter IV ladies costume video
A bit too much thong, but interesting to see all variant costumes.

1998 was the Best Year in the History of Gaming « Double Buffered
'When it comes to figuring out the best/most important year in the history of video gaming, I can make a definitive judgment: 1998.' Yes, there's a list of games.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Heart on Fire: Key Moments in the 16-Bit Era - #07
'Nintendo developed a much more focused ad campaign that seemed to treat every one of their games as badass, no matter how cute it looked... Yes, this was "Play it Loud." The TV commercial that set it all off aired towards the summer of 1994:.'