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Finishing up a reasonably gigantic GDC 2009 round-up, at least until RSS feeds can be further scoured, this set of links includes the Tale Of Tales folks on how they think the indie scene is expanding, plus long-time stealth indie supporter Martin Hollis coming out with a WiiWare title - seemingly out of nowhere - that looks pretty darned interesting.

Also in here - IGF's reception in Japan, a little more Steenberg, a little more Eden controversy, a little more BBC write-up, and a lot more miscellany. Huzzah to the nth degree.

Go go go:

Tale of Tales» Blog » GDC impression: indie games have levelled up
'Rather than sitting on our mini-laurels, I hope we continue on this path and make games that push the medium into territories that it always hoped to reach (or falsely claimed it had).'

Wear silly hats. » Infinite Lives
Phil Fish/Fez IGF-ish fan art? Oh yes.

AVC at GDC '09, Day Four: Wake Me When Your Game Does Six Dimensions | Games | A.V. Club
This has an interesting interview with PixelJunk's Dylan Cuthbert about his IGF eligibility controversy in it.

4Gamer.net — [GDC 2009#27]IGFで大賞受賞した作品「Blueberry Garden」はこんな癒し系ゲーム
Cool that even Japanese sites have write-ups (with some nice pictures!) of IGF winners.

Video: 'Love' of the Game - Game Hunters: In search of video games and interactive awesomeness - USATODAY.com
The deliciously crazy Eskil Steenberg, in full effect at GDC - also see this USA Today post.

The Associated Press: Experimental games highlighted at game conference
Indie games get a lot of love in the AP piece highlighting GDC - neat!

Intel details future graphics chip at GDC | Nanotech - The Circuits Blog - CNET News
The Larrabee announcements at GDC are probably quite important for high-end devs - would that I could make head or tail of them, being a programming dunce!

Video game developers meet reality: Joblessness - Los Angeles Times
There's still hiring going on, but people are being super-picky - maybe opportunities for people to carve out their own niches in indie/alternative methods? Good Alex Pham piece during GDC.

The Best (and Worst) of GDC 2009 - PC World
Darren Gladstone does some excellent game reporting, and here's a neat trends piece on the GDC week.

IGN: Bonsai Barber Preview
Showing at the end of GDC (Gama has an interview coming up about it), the enigmatic and indie-friendly Martin Hollis has busted out what looks to me to be a signature WiiWare title. Can't wait to play!

BBC NEWS | dot.life | A blog about technology from BBC News | A walk on the fun side of GDC
I like that the BBC reporter went and spoke to some of the regular booth workers - that's very BBC, in some indefinable way.