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Continuing the week - and apologies for a mishmash of articles of late, thanks to GDC preparation and crazy amounts of work on Gamasutra redesign improvement, we have a set of neat links from all over the web, harvested via our trusty RSS shovel.

In here - an '80s columnist on the terror that is text adventures, awesome retro T-shirt alerts, the history of megabits in game cartridges, a discussion (implicitly related to game criticism, too!) on how writing is actually paid for nowadays, and more.

Joe Este Vez:

Sinistar shirt from Williams development team sold on ebay | Rotheblog - Arcade Game Blog
I wish there were more officially licensed T-shirts with less played-out classic game themes - ahem, Meatbun folks.

Spectre Collie » Blog Archive » On Brevity
'The real art of videogame writing is being aware of the context: understanding how, when and where the line is going to be used, and how to compensate for the times you have no control over when the line is played.'

“Computer Games Have No Respect for you” - Taking Inventory
'I found this newspaper column written in January of 1985. It was acquired by a clipping service for Infocom during the cycle of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (hence the paragraph that is outlined in yellow) and is nearly 25 years old.'

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Heart on Fire: Key Moments in the 16-Bit Era - #08
Ah, the gorgeous megabit discussion, full fleshed out.

Chrontendo - playing every NES game in chronological order
In video form no less, whoa - via Auntie Pixelante.

Is writing for the rich? - THE WEEK
Interesting discussion, also relevant to games - I think anyone who has spare time to write, even with regular day jobs, can do good pieces that don't require detailed travel or research.