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Catching up with some notable GameSetLinks from earlier in the week, here's the results of our RSS machinations, headed up by Matthew Wasteland discussing lyrically why games "help us postpone the end of childhood" over and over.

Also in here - Hardcasual continues to get funny, games and music videos compared, Clive Thompson on Peggle's goodness for both the casual and hardcore, and plenty more.

Chuckle brothers:

The Madeleine in Eight Bits (Magical Wasteland)
Just beautiful writing from the Game Developer magazine columnist and mysterious auteur.

Fan Petitions For More Innovative Games He Won’t Buy « Hardcasual
HC is really hitting the spot on parody, recently - nice idea to relaunch with that bent.

Experience Points: Video Games Should Watch the Watchmen
Kinda an unholy combo of Watchmen and top list, but I liked it!

Daniel Primed:: Gaming Analysis, Critique and Culture » Likening Games to Music (Videos)
A nice idea, and something I've meant to get round to - Mr. Primed does a good job here.

Vorpal Bunny Ranch: You're brilliant, gorgeous, and ampersand after ampersand
An interesting discussion of romance in games.

Wired.com: 'Getting Lucky: Hard-Core Gamers Penetrate Peggle's Physics'
'Bejeweled, PopCap's single biggest hit with casual gamers, is in reality far more luck-based than Peggle.'