Ah yes, so with the start of Game Developers Conference 2009 just hours away, we promised that we'd reveal our guest blogger for this week's conference, and just what they'd be up to.

For those who recall, for last year's GDC, we recruited Waxy.org's Andy Baio, who reported in a a guest 'Web 2.0/geek culture/game culture crossover' observer stylee - Harmonix Vs. Jonathan Coulton, and all that good stuff.

Well, this year, our guest blogger - who will hopefully be posting daily on his GDC experiences - is Canadian author and game creator Jim Munroe, whom, as his Wikipedia page explains, is a former editor at Adbusters Magazine and a HarperCollins-published author ('Flyboy Action Figure Comes With Gasmask').

Nowadays, he works on DIY interestingness under his No Media Kings outlet, and does a lot of neat things in the video game area. For example, he runs the Artsy Game Incubator project, which combines non-game artists with easy to use tools to make really neat art(sy) games.

In addition, his poignant illustrated text adventure, 'Everybody Dies', took third place at IFComp last year and picked up a number of honors, including being named by Variety and Gamasutra in game of the year countdowns, and an A review from The Onion AV Club.

Anyhow, what's he doing here? The deal is that Jim is going to write about the things that happen to him at GDC and what he finds out, and then he's going to use that as inspiration to write a text adventure with some kind of Game Developers Conference theme, heh.

(We're imagining that this week's regular posts might give him the germ of the idea, and then he'll post irregularly in April as he puts it together, and then by the end of that month, it'll be ready to play and we'll post it online. Or that's the plan. Keep checking back to see how we do!)