[Delighted to announce that our very own Game Developer magazine has been nominated for a bunch of Maggie Awards - congrats to EIC Brandon Sheffield, editor Jeff Fleming and Cliff Scorso and the other art staff on the honor. Here's the details...]

GameSetWatch sister publication Game Developer magazine has been honored with 5 nominations to the prestigious 2009 Maggie Awards, including Best Technology Trade Magazine and Best Digital Edition.

Other nominations for Game Developer at the long-running magazine awards include one for its game postmortems of Call Of Duty 4 and Rock Band, as part of the Best Article Series category for trade magazines.

In addition, an article on creating ragdoll physics on the Nintendo DS was nominated for Best How-To Article in trade publications, and the Rock Band postmortem was nominated for Best Color Editorial Layout for trade publications.

The Western Publications Association (WPA), the creator of the Maggie Awards, is a non-profit association working to advance the business of print and online magazines in the western United States, and has been operating for more than 50 years.

The full list of nominated categories for Game Developer are as follows:

Computers/Software, Technology, Training & Program Development/Trade
-- Elearning! - February
-- Game Developer - February
-- Oracle - Jul/Aug
-- RTC - February
-- Tech & Learning - October

Digital Edition Magazine/Trade & Consumer
-- Game Developer - October
-- Launch Magazine - Summer
-- Massage & Bodywork - Nov/Dec
-- Personal Development - December
-- The Costco Connection Online Edition - December
-- URBiZ - November

Best Series of Articles/Trade
-- Buildings (Feb, Jul) - Energy Management Series
-- Elearning! (Jan/Apr/Jun/Sep) - Learning Leaders: Innovation
-- Game Developer (Mar, May, Jun/Jul) - Postmortem: Call of Duty 4, Rock Band
-- Insurance Journal (Various issues) - AIG Series
-- Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News (Various issues) - Reducing Risk Series
-- Police (Jan-Dec) - The State of American Law
-- Roast (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr) - Blending for Italian Espresso

Best How-To Article/Trade
-- Buildings (January) - Succession Planning: How to Prepare Tomorrow’s Leaders
-- Game Developer (September) - Ragdoll Physics on the DS
-- NAILS (May) - Just Like You Picture It
-- Oracle (May/Jun) - Accelerating Data Warehouses
-- Public Safety Communications (April) - Seed Money: 10 Keys to Successful Grant Writing
-- Tech & Learning (May) - Making Students Info Literate

Best Color Editorial Layout/Trade
-- Beauty LaunchPad (July) - Through the Grapevine
-- emmy (June) - The Spotlight Serves Her Right
-- emmy (August) - Let’s Do Lunch
-- Game Developer (May) - Postmortem: Harmonix’s Rock Band
-- Nailpro (June) - Art Attack
-- Scotsman Guide, Commercial Edition (October) - 8 Creative Financing Methods (and How to Find Them)

The results of the 58th Annual Maggie awards will be announced at an April 24th ceremony in Los Angeles, held as part of the the WPA Publishing Conference in the same location.