[This has been a LONG time coming, but the Gamasutra redesign is upon us. Thanks to everyone who helped us with it, and if you haven't spotted - free dev blogs for all, even!]

Leading game industry site Gamasutra has redesigned, and we're now offering free game industry weblogs for all members - with expert bloggers already writing - an enhanced contractors section, discipline-specific sections, and much more.

We're still in the midst of fixing things, optimizing, and otherwise improving the experience, post-launch, so please feel free to comment on Gamasutra with any issues you're currently experiencing, or website-related suggestions.

Some of the major changes to Gamasutra, apart from the obvious visual improvements, are the following:

- Our new blogs section is divided into Expert Blogger and Member Blogger areas. We've already got some great experts contributing, from Brenda Brathwaite through Mark DeLoura and beyond, contributing in the Expert Blogs section.

- In addition, as editor Chris Remo explains in his blog post, any Gamasutra user can go ahead and set up their own blog and start writing about game development and the industry.

- Related to this, you can also now attach an avatar to your account, which will appear on your blog profile page and next to your comments.

- We've significantly enhanced the Contractors section of the website, with lots more categories for those wanting to target their products and services to video game professionals worldwide. (Pardon the dust in this area, we're still in the process of refining it.)

- We now have targeted Programming, Art, Design, Audio, and Production pages, listed on the left navigation, with features, news, blog posts and jobs for those disciplines handily collated together. We'll also be posting more discipline-specific features, going forward.

- Of course, we still have our regular sections of Gamasutra that you know and love fully operable, including our market-leading jobs section, plus the latest industry news and in-depth features.

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback and helped make this momentous site change (the first redesign for Gamasutra of the 21st century!) come together. Please post feedback at the site and we'll try to respond as soon as we can.