[We get some interesting, slightly random letters to Gamasutra and Game Developer magazine from time to time, and, after asking permission from the original author, we've made this one available on GameSetWatch. Why? Because we reckon he speaks for a lot of today's gamers.]

Name: Joe Below Average
Title: accidental gamer
Company: Coach when possible

I have to let some steam off, and I was looking for place to do it. My first langage is french, so edit my mistakes.

I'm a not-so-young dad, not even a casual gamer. I would rather say accidental gamer, like many of my colleagues (35-40 y.o.). I have developed an urge to slap in the face the a**h***s who wrote some games I have just tried lately.

Have you ever think to add a "DAD" or "MOM" mode, just to be able to see some levels, just to figure out what the hell this game is all about, just to be able, in the next 15 min. available, to enjoy a kind of ride?

Don't talk about "the learning curve" or whatever reasons the beta testers gives you to make it impossible wo 35 hours of practice to make it to the save point.

Don't talk about the joy of trying 20 times a level just to make sure you master the supadupa combo moves, and the length of the level, wo saving possibilities. Or a game wo the possibility to customize the controls.

So many stupid things are being put or omitted in games that cost so much to develop, it makes you wonder where those slap in the face (coup de pied au cul) went, or who forgot to give them.

Cheats sometimes make it enjoyable. They must be included in the game, for Christ's sake.

Don't think I will spend DAYS in a game when I have 15 min per week to spare.