[Have been enjoying my Gamasutra colleague Chris Remo's Idle Thumbs leisure-time podcast of late, and especially the game-related songs he's been doing for it, so I thought it might be nice to showcase a couple of the highlights here. And here's a brand-new, fresh one.]

For the latest installment highlighting songs from the Idle Thumbs podcast, we're looking at the song 'A Letter To Edge', from Idle Thumbs 19: "Citizen Killzone". As Mr. Remo is away covering DICE in beautiful Las Vegas, I thought I'd explain briefly what you need to know:

- The UK's Edge magazine re-published (via Edge Online) a review of Guerrilla's Killzone 2 for PlayStation 3 in which they assigned it a score of 7 out of 10.

- Over at PSXExtreme.com (bear with me, here!), one Ben Dutka published an editorial called 'Edge Killzone 2 Review: A Disservice To Game Consumers'.

- Among the gems within the PSXExtreme critique, which refuses to link to the Edge review: "[The score] is assigning a numerical value to a game that basically says, "it's good, but there are better titles out there for your money." This...is...a...lie. That's right, a lie."

- Oh, and also: "We're not saying everyone is going to enjoy KZ2, but this review is akin to saying something similar about "The Godfather II" or "Citizen Kane."

As a result, Chris composed a charming ditty on this very subject. The song and podcast can both be downloaded directly from the official site. The lyrics (and download link) are as follows:

A Letter To Edge (MP3)

"Look, we're not saying that we're right
We're just saying that you're wrong
With your quote-unquote review of Killzone 2
Edge, you're desperate for attention
Yet barely worth a mention
Except to take contention with your desperate grab for hits

You gave Killzone 2 a seven
I wanted an eleven on our site
Our scale doesn't go that high but I had to try

And who are you to say Killzone 2 is a good game?
Because it's not
It's a perfect video game
Yes, it's a perfect video game
Oh, it's perfect

You can't give Citizen Kane a seven
Everybody knows, just ask Roger Ebert
He would tell you that's a disgrace
Citizen Kane gets two thumbs up
and therefore so does Killzone 2
The SDF [Sony Defense Force] said so

I would give it three thumbs up
But I don't have three thumbs
So you can lend me one
And together, three thumbs up for Killzone 2!
Me and you, giving Killzone 2 its due

And that leaves one Idle Thumb
Who thought this game was a little bit dumb."