Finishing up yet another busy week, so time to break down some of the week's top features on Gamasutra - plus bonus features from our excellent student site GameCareerGuide - there's a bunch of neat analyses, interviews, and so on posted over the past 7 days.

There's some great stuff in here - from Chris Remo's excellent retrospective interview on Far Cry 2, a technical piece on ragdoll physics on DS, analysts on 2009's prospects for the game biz, Ernest Adams on emotional AI, and a postmortem of Bionic Commando Rearmed from Ben Judd.

Here are the stories:

Beyond Far Cry 2: Looking Back, Moving Forward
"Far Cry 2 was one of the most ambitious AAA titles of 2008's holiday season - but what did it actually accomplish? Gamasutra reflects with Ubisoft Montreal narrative designer Patrick Redding."

Ragdoll Physics On The DS
"In this Gamasutra technical article, programming veteran Eric Brown shows how the Nintendo DS can be used for surprisingly complex character-based physics calculations."

Game Audio Theory: Ducking
"'Ducking', or lowering the audioscape volume, can create greater engagement for listeners, and Day 1's Quarles explains how it's done in this in-depth game audio feature."

Sponsored Feature: Real-Time Parametric Shallow Wave Simulation
"Simulating convincing waves is mathematically complex and computationally taxing. In this sponsored article, part of the Intel Visual Computing microsite, John Van Drasek III, David Bookout and Adam Lake tackle the problem with DirectX 10."

Analyze This: New Year Resolutions for the Video Game Industry
"In the latest 'Analyze This', game industry analysts from Screen Digest, Wedbush Morgan, and EEDAR gather to discuss industry predictions for 2009."

The Designer's Notebook: Numbers, Emotions, and Behavior
"Can games be realistic emotional simulators? Game designer and writer Ernest Adams explores in depth how AI might actually emulate human emotions."

Postmortem: Capcom/GRIN's Bionic Commando Rearmed
"In this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, Capcom's Ben Judd analyzes 2D update Bionic Commando Rearmed, from pricing to online play decisions."

Bonus highlights: Ask the Experts: How Will I Know? (Don't Trust Your Feelings); Adaptive Audio: A Beginner's Guide to Making Sounds for Video Games;'s Game Design Challenge: Seuss It; Results from the Game Design Challenge: Balance Board.