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So this largely comprises the last set of GameSetLinks I stacked up before I went off on holiday almost a week ago - so you may find GSL a little slow going over the next few days, until I'm back in the States at the end of the weekend.

Still, there's some good stuff here, including a discussion on browser-based games, analysis of the Choice Awards finalists by Variety, an intriguing new game title from Petri Purho and friends, Jim Rossignol rounding up IGF Grand Prize finalists like Osmos (pictured), and more.

Razzle dazzle:

the-inbetween.com: [ Unity and the Future of Browser-Based Games ]
Agreed that programs like Unity (which is also usable on iPhone, though I may have to write an editorial at some point about why 3D engines tend to make worse quality games from a playability point of view, on average) are an important part of the future.

GDC Awards shut out Nintendo, celebrate Sony - The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety on Variety.com
V. interesting point from Ben here - I hadn't thought about this, but it's definitely true that sales and critical divergence is increasing even further.

Kloonigames » Blog Archive » 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness
Aha, more conceptual games.

Independent Games Festival Finalists Roundup Article - Page 1 // PC /// Eurogamer
A really nicely done overview of this year's IGF Grand Prize finalists by Jim Rossignol, who has actually played all the titles as a judge - insightful.

Shmup Night » PixelVixen707
Still very odd - she's a bit fictional, lest we forget - but it's good writing and interesting shmup discussion, all in one.

PlayFirst® - A Glimpse of Wandering Willows - PlayFirst Grapevine
Interesting - looks like PlayFirst are trying to take PC casual games in the Animal Crossing direction. Good idea, I reckon.