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Still not out of the GameSetLinks, thanks to some particularly industrious weekend RSS-trawlin', and we start out with some completely adorable Sega arcade cabinet mini-figures, which I fear I must own some time fairly soon.

Also in here - Turkish political games, classic Resident Evil revisited, hidden bits of Shadow Of The Colossus, uhh, unhidden, plus Emerald City Confidential explored, and lots more.

It is over for youuuu:

NCSX Import Video Games & Toys: Sega Taikan Game Collection - Import Preorder
'The Sega Taikan Game Collection from Organic looks back at Sega's custom sit down coin-ops which rocked and veered from side to side to simulate the onscreen action.'

"Huys"/"Hope" - Turkey's first political game - News Games: Georgia Tech Journalism & Games Project
Excellent continued work on this blog: 'Besides the speeches and a documentary film, for the first time in Turkey an editorial game was introduced to the audience: "Huys", meaning "Hope" in Armenian.'

Richard Cobbett > Richard's Online Journal > Emerald City Confidential
Definitely underdiscussed thus far, this one: 'It’s an interesting release, and arguably the first old-school adventure to really be built as casual game.'

TOKYOMANGO: RPG gadget tells you whether you're spending too much $
'This handy digital device is kinda like Mint.com, a Nintendo DS, a MMORPG, and your mother all bundled up into one little white box.'

GAMBIT: Updates: The Pleasures of Old School Resident Evil - Sherry Birkin
A nice look back at a sometime-maligned early part of the series: 'I played RE2 so long ago (back in 1998) I'd forgotten all the subtle touches that make Sherry and Claire's relationship endearing.'

Shadow Of The Colossus: unused eastern area discovered! | Unseen 64: Beta, Unreleased & Unseen Videogames!
An interesting find by hacking Shadow Of The Colossus - they've 'discovered an huge, unused architecture hidden in the Eastern area of the game map.'