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While it's almost trans-Atlantic flight time, we're going to post ahead a little on GameSetLinks, and here's the start of that - with a couple of neat UK Guardian posts on Scottish innovators Denki starting things off here.

Also hanging out in here - MSNBC digging IGF Mobile and iPhone games (the v.odd Zen Bound pictured!), Clive Thompson on Fallout 3's bleakness, the Wall Street Journal gets all game design analytical, and all sorts of other fun (or worthy) stuff.

Supernatural superserious:

Gary Penn on the rules of game design | Technology | guardian.co.uk
The second of two excellent interviews with Denki, who are emerging from their interactive TV hibernation to do some interesting things.

iPhone lifts profile of on-the-go games - Citizen Gamer- msnbc.com
MSNBC continues to support indie games by looking at IGF Mobile and awesome iPhone titles such as Zen Bound.

Games Without Frontiers: Bleak 'Fallout 3' Dazzles With Great Depression
Minus - it's another Fallout 3 editorial. Plus - it's poignant and well thought-out.

Water Cooler Games - You Have To Defecate Upon King Bhumibol
Fascinating, a Burn The Rope-pastiching political statement: 'The game is presumably a statement of objection to Australian author Harry Nicolaides's 3-year jail sentence, handed down last week for defaming the king in a novel.'

Kotaku: Love Life Game Design Challenge Kicks Off
The second year of the Flash game competition to prevent teen dating violence - I'm judging again, a very worthy cause.

Videogames: Obscuring The Line Between Player and Character - WSJ.com
Really interesting to see game design discussions like this in the Wall Street Journal.