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Just before we hit the weekend, here's a cornucopia of not entirely out of date RSS-trawled wonders - some of which date, yes, from a little closer to last weekend, but all of which are just marvelous, so shh.

Among the delights - Tiny Cartridge talking to Gaijin Games about their bleeptastic WiiWare game, Cory Barlog at WETA, Jeff Green on designing games, and the Vancouver Game Design folks on having opinions about things. Which we all do, don't we? I know I do!

Crazy horses:

Seriously...don't play games with me!: ...yeah, we have a Warthog.
Cory Barlog is still working on the Mad Max game with George Miller, but more importantly, he's been riding a Warthog at WETA, like Wallis. The lucky so and so.

Fullbright: Basics of effective FPS encounter design (via F.E.A.R. and F.E.A.R. 2)
Another good Gaynor post: 'In my mind, the design differences between the original game and its sequel highlight a few essential elements of good encounter design in a first-person shooter.'

Well, That’s Like, Just Your Opinion, Man « Vancouver Game Design
A fun post, with non-game industry examples, of why - well - opinions are opinions!

Tiny Q&A: Gaijin Games' Chris Osborn (BIT.TRIP:BEAT) - Tiny Cartridge
Not sure I agree that the Wii Art.Style games 'showed us there definitely was a market for tight, retro-inspired games on WiiWare.' More like... Nintendo just paid for them and shoved them out there :/

Greenspeak: Game Design is Hard, Part II
Asinine comments section aside, it's interesting to look at Jeff Green's transition from journalist to designer at EA from his own perspective, in terms of the humbling complexity behind video games.

How PC Gaming Ended Up on Your Couch from 1UP.com
Heh, Robert Ashley in the comments: 'Keep in mind that this story was written for EGM, an explicitly console-centric magazine.'