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As it turns out, I did manage to sneak a little holiday time to trawl the RSS feeds, and this GameSetLinks is what has eventuated, starting out with the ever-chirpy Clive Thompson devoting his Wired column to the rather successful Global Game Jam (look for more Gamasutra coverage on it next week).

Also in here - a newly funded game emulation project, Scott Jennings on layoffs and the game biz, Amazon and Reflexive's casual game pricing shift discussed in voluminous detail by the indie/casual crossover crowd, and lots more besides.

My tee boosh:

Wired.com: Games Without Frontiers: Sweet Success, Fascinating Failure: 48 Sleepless Hours at Global Game Jam
Clive Thompson on real stories of Global Game Jam: '"We turned Zork into a twitch game," laughed Bob Clark, one of the A-to-Z members'.

Further developments in EVE's 'Grand Theft Alliance' drama - Massively
Slightly missed this due to holidays, but passing on if you haven't seen - massive EVE Online political machinations, tho some commenters claim the stories are a bit overblown.

Best Games of 2008 - z a c k h i w i l l e r
Always interesting picks from Zack - a couple Choice Awards-nominated, a couple not.

Broken Toys ยป Rituals Of The Betrayed
Scott Jennings writes eloquently on what it means if you care about your job, and it's taken away.

Computergame Museum Berlin on new project KEEP
Good to see European funding for emulation, including game and system emulation, to help preserve old games!

All games on Reflexive [+Amazon] $9.99 - Indiegamer Developer Discussion Boards
A fascinating 9+ page discussion on Amazon/Reflexive halving normal prices on casual PC games, with Reflexive folks commenting in detail.