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Rounding the curve into the week, this set of GameSetLinks starts out with the folks behind LucasFilm's seminal online game Habitat doing some after the fact checking on a new book, and continues with a multitude of other fun pieces.

In particular, check out what's killing the game biz - or maybe isn't, depending on who you believe - and PixelVixen707 on some rather tragic game event marketing, among other things.

Bleep bleep bleep:

Habitat Chronicles: FACT CHECK: Lucasfilm's Habitat in Rogue Leaders
The creators of Habitat point out quite a few inaccuracies in Rob Smith's new book about LucasArts' history, oh dear. Still, good to know now!

Episode 2 - Multiplayer | Stage Clear
Hey, Richard Perrin of The White Chamber and Rob Fahey (ex-GI.biz editor) have a podcast, now, neat.

chewing pixels » 16-bit Minutemen
Ah, GSW columnist Simon Parkin is one of the folks behind the Watchmen side-scrolling beat-em-up, yay.

What's killing the video-game business? - By N. Evan Van Zelfden - Slate Magazine
Agreed that lots of small titles is one way to go, Evan, but that's what indies are already doing, and there's no way you can make billions that way. What's really happening is that revenue is spreading out over lots of new and smaller players - and free games. That's not bad, just the way of the world.

Shawn Elliott: Symposium Part Two: Review Policy, Practice and Ethics
War and Peace, part deux!

Subatomic Brainfreeze: Let's look at this month's Arcadia popularity rankings!
The Japanese arcade scene is nichier than niche, recently, but always interesting to read what Enterbrain's arcade mag has in their charts.

Kill Yr Goddess » PixelVixen707
Ew, I got this press release before, and commented on its horrid nature, but it's really yuckier than I even imagined.