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A little more esoteric with the GameSetLinks, this time out, and this set of the best of game randomness on the WWW starts with Eegra poking a little fun at the adolescent side of UGO, oh dear.

But the gem in here, aside from 'Inventory Tetris' and some hilarious whiteboard doodlings from industry folks, is an IndieGames.com comment you may have missed 'reviewing' The Graveyard from Tale Of Tales, hardcore gamer style. In fact, this whole update is a little tart, isn't it?

It's not loading:

Eegra: Updates a thousand times a second!! : An Email to UGO
Patrick Alexander writes a good snark, but really, UGO wouldn't do it if people didn't want it. Which is the bad bit, I guess.

DOOMGUY9000's comment on: 'IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Road To The IGF: Tale of Tales' The Graveyard'
Haha, a beautifully sarcastic pastiche of the hardcore gamer, but I have no idea who it is making fun of - everybody?

The Reticule: Leaving the Industry No Quarter - An Interview With Edmund McMillen
He's a tricky one, but by gum, I respect him.

Inventory Tetris - The Quixotic Engineer
This is, conceptually, incredibly cute.

The Plush Apocalypse » Blog Archive » “Ten Trends That Are [NOT] Saving Videogames”
A counterpoint, if you will.

My name is Mercurio Silver, and I don’t like… Interviews
'Just remember, dearest reader, that interviews are worse than pantomimes. You will invariably know the story before you go, and be subjected to two or more flamboyant idiots dancing around to such a fantastical degree that by the midway point you will have forgotten why you bothered opening your web browser.'