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Whoa, fresh new week, new GameSetLinks appear to also be here - headed by the 'games in journalism' blog - which is Knight Foundation-supported, btw, a great example of philanthropy taking games seriously - discussing Dead Rising and news reporting, thought-provokingly.

Also in here - what Usenet thought about SNES, why everyone in the game biz itself is still missing the point on Wii, Project Horseshoe reports, and plenty more besides.

Wheeze wheeze wheeze:

Dead Rising and Interventionist Media Ethics - News Games: Georgia Tech Journalism & Games Project
'Does the exclusion of the photography mechanic in the Wii version of Dead Rising change anything about what the game says about photojournalism as a practice?'

Project Horseshoe, 2008 reports
The craziest, most oldskool, borderline theory-tastic whiny, but still fascinating discussions on gaming surface, after last year's instalment of the invite-only micro-conf.

1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Heart on Fire: Deleted Scenes - #04A
Looking at Usenet for classic gaming opinions of the time is a really nice idea - in this case, the SNES launch.

Video Games Business & Marketing: Video Games needs a Copernicus
You know, I've really liked and respected Russell's posts on this subject to date, but this one goes too far for me. There are some Wii and DS titles nominated for many of the major awards shows (including Choice), and I don't really see, despite being accessible, what 'best of the year' categories that games like Wii Play, Wii Fit, or Mario Kart Wii would fit into. Anyone?

Missed news: Cecropia shuts its doors « Arcade Heroes
I also completely missed the shutdown news late in 2008 - they were the folks behind knob-based arcade storytelling title 'The Act'.

MMOG Nation » The developer of D&D’s online tools needs to go back to school
Usability is just incredibly important - some excellent comments by Michael (who is off to work on DC Universe Online, congrats!) here.