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Continuing the week's RSS-derived GameSetLinks goodness, firstly, Ian Bogost points out a new award specifically for news games - a good thing, if you believe that timely games about news events are one of the areas that video games can bring insight and gain credibility.

Also in this set - What They Play on violent media and aggression, Tom Chick on why Grand Theft Auto IV and its expansion aren't doing things right, Leigh Alexander on Dangerous High School Girls and censorship, and lots more besides.

Beau tee ful:

Water Cooler Games - Knight News Game Award
'Games for Change has announced plans to offer the Knight News Game Award at the 2009 Sixth Annual Games for Change Festival in May of this year.' Most interesting.

What They Play - Violent Media and Aggression
'Studies suggest that the most effective method to combat the aggressive effects of violent media is parental involvement' - and the ratings system is (basically) working already to help parents.

Why I won't be playing Grand Theft Auto IV: Lost and Damned | Fidgit
'It would be nice to see a modicum of social conscientiousness in what is arguably the face of videogaming presented to the world at large.'

Ironic Sans: Idea: The Blogosphere Adventure Game
Lazyweb but darn cute concepts: 'The opening animated narrative would introduce you to the protagonist “Dave” who was staying up late reading blogs instead of going to bed. Some sort of mishap (energy drink spilled on the computer?) was going to start a chain of events that digitally teleports him into the internet.'

Sexy Videogameland: Big Trouble For Dangerous High School Girls
Leigh continues the subject of taboo in video games by discussing the casual portal woes for Dangerous High School Girls.

Death Tank's Ezra Driesbach Interview - Eurogamer
The former Lobotomy staffer talks about the Saturn and the new XBLA Death Tank in a most edifying chat.