[From now until mid-January, our sister site IndieGames.com: The Weblog will be counting down the best indie titles of 2008, and we'll be reprinting the best here on GameSetWatch for your viewing and playing pleasure.]

The eighth of the 2008 Best Of Features over on the IndieGames.com blog, we're proud to present twenty of the best freeware platformers released in 2008.

From the critically-acclaimed Braid to the fan-favorite Cave Story, the indie game development scene is never short on quality platformers to play. Knytt Stories took the title for the best platformer last year, and with Nifflas' Night Game to be released over the coming 12 months, we're not short of upcoming gems, either.

Nonetheless, here's the top freeware platformers of the last year:

Best Freeware Platformers 2008

  1. Iji
  2. The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2
  3. Shift 3
  4. Spelunky
  5. Treasure Hunter Man
  6. Jumper 3
  7. Rockman 7-FC
  8. Teppomanto
  9. Meat Boy
10. Mighty Jill Off
11. Squish
12. Verge
13. Sh*t Game
14. Seven Minutes
15. The Power
16. Love
17. I Wanna Be The Guy
18. inno vation
19. Boondog
20. Mission Extreme

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