The end of another busy week, so time to break down some of the week's top features on Gamasutra - plus bonus features from our excellent student site GameCareerGuide - there's a bunch of neat analyses, interviews, and so on posted over the past 7 days.

Hanging out in here - the ever-intriguing Jon Blow quizzed on post-Braid life, plus Matt Matthews' stat-hungry trawl through U.S. console trends for 2008, a useful postmortem of American McGee's Grimm, a look at U.S. legislation on games, Ian Bogost's thesis on what we should call the new wave of gaming, and more.

Here are the stories:

Jonathan Blow: The Next Phase
"After the success of the time-disrupting Braid, Number None's Jonathan Blow sits down with Gamasutra to discuss the state of indie gaming, his next projects, and 'meaningful' games."

Postmortem: American McGee's Grimm
"In this Gamasutra-exclusive postmortem, the creators of American McGee's Grimm honestly analyze the creation of the Chinese-developed episodic PC adventure series."

Persuasive Games: The Proceduralist Style
"'Games as art' is a tired conversation, says writer and designer Ian Bogost, who instead proposes 'proceduralism' as the new phrase to describe innovative indie titles from Braid to Passage and beyond."

Analysis: The Gears of War Franchise - Behind The Data
"The eight most-played Xbox Live games of the holiday season were all sequels, according to gaming social network GamerDNA -- and the first part of this Gamasutra-exclusive data analysis reveals player usage trends around both titles in the Gears of War franchise."

Sponsored Feature: An Interview with Havok's Jeff Yates
"Havok, long known for physics, now has a reach that extends into other crucial middleware areas. In this sponsored feature that's part of the Intel Visual Computing section, the company's Jeff Yates speaks about the present and the future."

Video Game Regulation: Where We Are Now
"How does the government regulate video games? Researcher Clark looks worldwide for perspective on U.S. game censorship, addiction, and piracy law in an Obama administration."

NPD: Behind the Numbers, December 2008
"In a Gamasutra-exclusive analysis, we analyze U.S. game hardware and software numbers for the whole of 2008, discovering surprising multi-year growth comparisons and marketshare changes."

Bonus highlights: Results from the Game Design Challenge: Gravity Game; Inside the 2009 IGF: Dark Room Sex Game;'s Game Design Challenge: Why Did Frogger Cross the Road?.