Breaking down some of the week's top features on Gamasutra - plus bonus features from our excellent student site GameCareerGuide - there's a bunch of neat interviews and design analyses posted over the past 7 days.

Notable pieces include interviews with PS3 and Xbox 360 chip co-designer David Shippy and the folks behind Guilty Gear at Arc System Works, plus a look at game playtesting for the Wii version of Speed Racer, an interesting WiiWare postmortem, and the human story behind the recent game development layoffs.

Here are the stories:

Processing The Truth: An Interview With David Shippy
"A new book claims that IBM's work on the PS3's Cell chip helped birth the Xbox 360's Xenon CPU -- and Gamasutra sits down with book co-author and chip architect David Shippy to uncover the facts."

Practical Game Playtesting: A Wii-Based Case Study
"Sidhe Interactive's Griffiths discusses in depth how the GripShift developer playtested and improved their Wii version of the recent Speed Racer game, from Wiimote tweaks to difficulty changes."

Postmortem: RiverMan Media's MadStone
"Gamasutra's first-ever WiiWare postmortem reveals the story behind overlooked block puzzler MadStone, with technical, design, marketing and productivity lessons galore."

Dodging, Striking, Winning: The Arc System Works Interview
"In a rare interview, Gamasutra talks to Guilty Gear creators Arc System Works on the state of the fighting game genre, new projects, and opinions on the Soulcalibur and Street Fighter franchises."

Game Developer Layoffs: The Real Story
"With layoffs hitting the allegedly 'recession-proof' game industry, Gamasutra talks to employees from Pandemic, Eidos, and Ensemble to find out the human story behind the corporate announcements."

Bonus highlights: Inside the IGF 2009: Sneak Peek at The Ghastleybriar Zoo Incident; Results from the Game Design Challenge: Dress My Sackboy; Inside the IGF 2009: Sneak Peek at Trino ; GameCareerGuide's Game Design Challenge: Balance Board; Why Design Games?; Ragdoll Acrobats: An Interview with IGF Finalists CarneyVale: Showtime Team .