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Time to dig out the GameSetLinks, then, and there's a host of fun stuff in here - particularly Jon Hare on the creation of Sensible Software's almost crowning, but eventually developer destroying rock and roll sim title, a story that's been told a few times - but never in this much detail.

Also in here - OXM on Community Games, silly shader mistakes, Codemasters and the Malaysian connection, some thoughts on SFII Turbo HD Remix, after the fact, and a few other things besides.

Yay hurray yay:

Independents' Day | OXM ONLINE
A good Official Xbox Magazine article about XNA Community Games.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Afterthoughts from 1UP.com
These 'afterthoughts' pieces - and there are a few more just posted in 1UP's features section - are excellent.

I Get Your Fail: The Error Party Shader
Broken games make for some wicked effects sometimes, as this cute insider blog shows.

Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Rock 'n' Roll Article - Page 1 // Retro /// Eurogamer
A longform and off the wall look, by co-creator Jon Hare, at the game that derailed Sensible Software's career - including a download of the first half of the resulting concept album.

How Britain loses quality jobs — Bruce On Games
The Codemasters/Malaysia funding connection hasn't been much discussed, actually - interesting catch.

white on white - By Lorenzo Wang
Oh my, someone who thinks You Have To Burn The Rope is the only worthy game in the IGF this year. Bizarro world alert. (I think all the IGF finalists are equally worthy, because that's what the judges voted for, FWIW, but I know it's been controversial, and we're working to clarify things for next year.)